Mohsen Hejazi was born on 1978 ,in Golpaygan.
He has been fascinated by the art of painting since his childhood.
He started his activities in 1994 by experiencing some
Cinematic painting's.
He learnt drawing in Kamal-ol-molk art school,and then
continued learning it in presence of Mr.Ahmad Vakili.
In 2000, the influence of Mohseni kermanshahi's works,and
his different teaching method,made this eager and young artist,
stop his other activites and attend his master's class full time,
With all his passion and determaination on order to achieve
the goal of being professional.
In 2004,he learnt pastel in presence of Mr.Jvad Solaimanpour.

Exhibitions :
1) Exhibition of Mohseni Kermanshahi and his art students,kamal-ol-molk Gallery.Tehran,2002
2) Group Exhibition with tapic of "nature homework",Naghshe-e- Jahan Gallery,Tehran,2004
3) The Exhibition of Real and Hyper Real,Niyavaran Artistic Creations Foundation.Tehran,2005
4) Exhibition of Mohesni kermanshahi and his art students,Mina Gallery,Tehran,2006
5) Group Exhibition,Sobhan Gallery,Tehran,2007
6) First Individual Exhibition, Naghsh-e- Jahan Gallery,Tehran,2008
7) Group Exhibition,Apadana Gallery,Esfhan ,2009
8) Individual Exhibition, Sobhan Gallery ,TEhran,2010
9) Individual Exhibition, Mandegar Gallery, Arak, 2011
10) Group Exhibition, Naghshe-e- Jahan Gallery, Tehran, 2012

Mobail : (+98)0912-2130928
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